Who are your members?

1Libya has a number of different members who have contributed to the growth of the organization over the past 2 years. Although some have moved on to dedicate themselves to other pursuits, many of them are still in touch and are available to volunteer on the occasional basis. We currently have a number of full time and part time staff in our office, as well as volunteers who help us on specific projects and events.

Why do you focus only on the areas of media and education?

Focus areas help to ensure that we are clear in what activities we expend our energies on and also allow us to build our expertise in those areas. We believe that Libya needs support in many different areas and everything that each organisation, group or individual can do to help our country in the task of rebuilding is a step in the right direction. We are familiar with a number of other CSOs and agencies that are dedicated to other areas, such as the environment, rehabilitation, women, etc. 

Why do you have values for an organization?

We believe that in order for an organization to be truly unique and have its own identity (and not that of it’s founders or members), an organization should have values which are clearly identifiable and recognizable. These may evolve slightly over time, but will essentially remain the same. 1Libya had initially launched a Values campaign which exemplified that which we would like to stand for. Please click here to view it.

Where do you get your money from?

As most Libyan CSOs do not have any revenue, they rely on funds from various sources: Libyan government or governmental agencies, international agencies, foreign embassies, private companies/indviduals or through sales of goods and services. CSOs are non profit entities but are able to generate revenue in order to support their costs. Although similar to a profitable venture in terms of incurring numerous administrative and project costs, non profits need to make sure that they are smart in how they invest the funds they have, as oftentimes they are accountable not only to their own board, but to their donors as well.

Why do you work with foreign companies or agencies?

1Libya not only works with foreign companies and agencies, but strongly advocates this form of collaboration for a number of reasons:

  1. Funding opportunities – many of the foreign agencies provide CSOs funding for particular projects or to support the organization itself. The objectives of the international organizations may be to support the growth of democracy, build capacity amongst women or youth, help the underprivileged, build economic empowerment or other.
  2. The level of expertise and support provided. As a nascent organization, Libyan CSOs need a certain level of support and capacity building that oftentimes foreing agencies are able to provide, via training programs and conferences.
  3. To increase multicultural understanding – as part of the global community it is our duty and responsibility to be a part of this international community as Libyans and global citizens.
  4. Networks and contacts – Our members have been on numerous regional and international conferences and seminars to share their experiences and learn from others, gaining not only a better understanding but bringing this understanding back to the workplace

What is your political platform?

1Libya was established on a non-ideological platform in March 2011 and continues to be a non-politically affiliated organization. What we, as an organization, DO believe in though, are basic human and civil rights for all people, with the rights of children, women and minorities especially needing protection.

What difference does the work you do have on people?

People sometimes question whether the work that CSOs do has any impact on the people. Any change starts with a step in the right direction and this is what 1Libya, alongwith many other organisations and people are currently trying to achieve in Libya. We are seeking to being the process of change and as we interact with people in different ways through our work, we know that we are making a difference from the reactions and positive feedback we receive from participants and donors.

Why are you not in Benghazi? Sebha? Misrata? Any other town?

As all Libyan NGOs, we are relatively new and still evolving. At this stage, we are focusing our energies on firmly establishing our presence and resources. We have a good network with organizations in other cities and hope to expand in the near future.