Press Release – بيان صحفي Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Training

1Libya has launched a 12-month conflict-sensitive journalism training project aimed at helping Libyan journalists report accurately, in a balanced way, and with safety in mind about conflict from within conflict areas. For more information, click on one of the links below:


EN- 1Libya Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Training


AR – 1Libya Conflict-Sensitive Journalism Training Libya maps Tempstatgamgovtwohn

New Website!

After an absence of a few months, we have now come back with our newly redesigned website for 1Libya. It’s taken us a while as we wanted to make sure that we had different elements included whilst still keeping our look simple and easy on the eye. Libya trip planner

So – what’s new? What have we changed? Well to start with, we’ve added the links to our FB pages as well to our Twitter account and our new Flickr account as well. A calendar section is also here to share with you our events as well as any others that we hear of. Cinew We also like our polling corner, which let’s us know how you feel about different topics!

We decided to include a blog section which will allow our site to be more personal and get to know what we’re up to behind the scenes or at our events, or various people’s opinions on matters. We’re planning to have different members of the team contribute to our blog and hope to also have a number of guest bloggers also contributing their views on a number of topics.

We hope you find our new website interesting and helpful. Send us your feedback through our polling corner or via a comment. Our Arabic version will be up very soon as well.